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Manual Madness

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Let me start this post off by saying that manual tricks are not easy! They sometimes take hours, days, weeks or longer to attempt, and even then there is no guarantee that you will get the trick you have worked so hard for. It all comes down to that one attempt where every single little factor in the equation goes absolutely perfectly. From the board throw down, to pushing up to the obstacle, the flip, catch, land(on 2 wheels), the balancing act, ride away, and not to mention your mindset. Cory and Geoff worked for over 3 hours at trying to get their manual tricks and in the end only one of them came out with a new piece of footage for the vault.  We will be back to get the other trick in no time I’m sure.

Photo far right: Geoff kickin it with his own twist on a popular 80’s dance move

Kitsch In Montana

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Last month , in search of news spots, we decided it would be a good idea to drive to Montana, to skate, film and shoot some photos.

With Sean back in Calgary and AJ and Haistie busy working, our crew ended up being Cory, and Kyle, and myself (Geoff). Our good friend Dane was down to come and film, and Brian Cassie came along to shoot photos for an upcoming article. We also brought with us Sacha Daley aka Smasha, who was fairly well behaved and only got us kicked out of one hotel…

Thanks to our good friend Victor , we had a place to stay and locals to show us their spots. The week trip was a hectic blur of driving , skating, eating and sleeping.

So in no real order , here are a bunch of photos to check out;

After watching Kyle and Cory destroy a gap in a very busy back alley in Billings, these dudes were freakin hyped to say the least.


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Dermer and MacAlsiter on the Circa Summer Camping Trip.

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Back in July the fine folks over at Circa were kind enough to invite  Sean and Geoff on a camping trip to the interior.

geoff-and-sean-circa-camping-intro-pic1Sean enjoys his smoke, Geoff enjoys his coffee,

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Hungry like the wolf tour

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From July 17th to 21st we hit the road to do a couple of demos. AJ and Haistie had to stay behind, but with Sean still in town, and Wilson and I down for the cause, it wasn’t hard to convince the aussies and our friend Jordan to join us for a trip up North.

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Kitsch went to Cambell River

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where Geoff Big spin flipped his first garbage can,


This pic pretty much sums up the weekend;


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