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SBC Photo Annual

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Stacy and Cory are all featured in the new SBC Photo Annual.

Stacy fakie crooked grinds in the ‘Disposable Snaps’ article

Cory , frontside wallride in the photo section


Learning from Experience

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Cory cruises around Vancouver and explains what motivated him to move out west in this edit from Pacifico.

LEARNING FROM EXPERIENCE – PART 2 – CORY WILSON from Pacifico Canada on Vimeo.

Kitsch X The Source

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Sean MacAlister , switch pole jam, this collaboration ad with his shop sponsor, the Source is out now in the new SBC


Dermer @ Vans Roadblock

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Dermer, switch noseslide to big spin at the Road block contest last weekend , check out more pics from the contest at here on

Color mag also posted a video from the event that you can watch right here.

Burning Down The House Tour Photos and Video

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Here are some photos and a video from our recent trip to the Kootenays featuring Mike, Will, Stacy , Cory and Geoff.

Mike Hastie 50-50


Cory Melon over the hip

Cory has also posted some pics from the tour up on his blog 

Kitsch Skateboards – Burning Down the House Tour – June 2012 – Bonus Edit. from Arnica Productions on Vimeo.