Hometown and current home.
Kelowna and still here. Hoping to come to Van soon.

When did you start skating and why?
When I was 9 my dad got me and my older brother our first boards. He skated in the 80’s so he was stoked to get us skating.

What do you like to do when your not skating?
Anything outdoors. I like going to beaches or on hikes with my girlfriend. I also enjoy a good book.

Favourite place to skate?
Around Kelowna I’d say the Peachland skatepark but my all time favourite is Plaza.

Best skate video part of all time?
Jerry Hsu – Bag of Suck

What do you like about Kitsch?
Kitsch always comes up with the best graphics and has an awesome team. Everyone has their own type of skating thats so fun to watch.