Derek Swaim





Hometown and current home.
Hometown: Kamloops Currently: Vancouver, BC.

When did you start skating and why?
When I was thirteen my cousin and my brother were into it, they’d set up manual pads in the driveway etc. Later on I met Stacy and another friend Rechae in high school, they inspired me to go out and skate street.

What do you like to do when your not skating?
Eenjoy being outdoors… either at a beach or a lake where ever and just chill.

Favourite place to skate?
The Kamloops park, right now, but if it was winter I’d be trying to get back to Barcelona.

Best skate video part of all time?
Guy Mariano in Mouse.

What do you like about Kitsch?
Everything, from the graphics to the fact that we’re all homies and who skate together all the time. So it feels like a real crew.