Kitsch in Portugal

For one week in Febuary 2008, Kitsch went to Portugal.


Churches, castles , beaches, we saw it all thanks to this guy, meet Pedro, the worlds best tour guide.

Dane and Sean enjoy the view of yet another castle on a hill.

Sean eyes up a spot on the beach just outside Porto.

Porto was the first city we skated,

After many days on the road, new kinds of food, a couple too many beers and Hastie is done for…

This guy knows whats up.

Cory enjoys warming up in a full pipe.

Most nights turned into a scene like this.

Our posse at a Chocolate festival in a Castle….

A lot going on here; Geoff picks his nose, Sean shreds, Kevin watches, while Cory thinks about dropping in.

Geoff: “no way am I getting on that rock.”
Cassie: “What your scared? I’ll sit on the damn thing”

More churches.

More party photos, Dane killing it on the dance floor.

Marble step up gaps exist.

Brian actually looks pretty scary in this photo.

Dane enjoys one last plate of steak, gravy, fries, sausages and cheese.

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