Hungry like the wolf tour


From July 17th to 21st we hit the road to do a couple of demos. AJ and Haistie had to stay behind, but with Sean still in town, and Wilson and I down for the cause, it wasn’t hard to convince the aussies and our friend Jordan to join us for a trip up North.

The van was a liitle packed, and unfortunatly we took a wrong turn and drove 300 exra km.

Quick stretch outside of Ruins Board Shop in Prince George.

We were lucky to get to skate here, best ghetto spot we’d ever seen, this footy we’re saving..

Thank you Aussie Bret for driving all 3000 km on this trip..

Demo Posse!
Wilson, Boyd the Aussie, MacAlister , Guye from Ruins, and ultra O.G. Kelly Bergman made an appearance.

DJ from the demo hooked us up with a place to stay , after a day of skating and no sleep the night before, most of us passed out right after the barbq.

The next day we had to drive 6 more hours east this time to Grande Prairie.
Wilson stretches his car legs while drinking.

Sean enjoys the fresh air with mountains for hours in all directions..

John from Dark Flavour had the demo well set up and ready to go when we arrived, this brand new park is in a town called Sexsmith outside of Grande Prairie.

The kids turn up when you put on skateboard demo’s… these guy’s we hyped.

He wins the wolf board and the raffle money. This demo had it all.

We hyped the kids up enough to at least play skate.

Geoff three shuvvy

John had us all stay at his amazing house, he lives above his store right downtown.

Where we chilled out on his roof.

Next day we woke up and drove another 2 hours to Dawson Creek, found this flat bar on the way where Boyd enjoyed some smith grinds.

Tyrel hooked everything up. He even helped MC the demo.

We all helped MC the demo.

Pretty much everyone in town rolled down.

Geoff was interviewed…

We skated ….

On film the whole time apparently?


Thanks Again to Jenn and Tyrel from Rocksteady for getting the town to pay for our trip, and for feeding us the most amazing dinner, and letting us all crash on their floor.

Fifteen uncomfortable hours of driving later and we were home in one piece.

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