Dermer and MacAlsiter on the Circa Summer Camping Trip.

Back in July the fine folks over at Circa were kind enough to invite  Sean and Geoff on a camping trip to the interior.

geoff-and-sean-circa-camping-intro-pic1Sean enjoys his smoke, Geoff enjoys his coffee,

Here are some of the people we rolled with,

this is Hayden, he grew up in Point Roberts and he rips.

Magnus Hanson is a good friend indeed, always down to ‘hype the session’ . Here he empties his shoe full of scum water after spending a good two hours draining that pool. Right before he front feebled the coping…

Elliot is the Circa T.M. , he takes care of business on and off the board.


Stoked to see the boys at Deviate boardshop hooked us up with a window display

‘Back of the cash register back ground props’

Kyle feels the need to drop in on everything.

Sean after handling the 9 stair rail like a champ.

Adam from Dunas skateshop let us stay at his house in the ‘hood’ in Vernon.

No one likes getting their photo taken while waking up.

Brian , Elliot , Amus, and Adam , had to stop at Duna’s.

Magpie and Parm, who came and did a great job filming, watch for the video soon!

Everyone thinking about it…

Nicky – this is a priceless photo.

On our way out of town.
Sean and Brian look forward to the mission through the mountains.

Sean knows how to chill.

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