Kitsch In Montana

Last month , in search of news spots, we decided it would be a good idea to drive to Montana, to skate, film and shoot some photos.

With Sean back in Calgary and AJ and Haistie busy working, our crew ended up being Cory, and Kyle, and myself (Geoff). Our good friend Dane was down to come and film, and Brian Cassie came along to shoot photos for an upcoming article. We also brought with us Sacha Daley aka Smasha, who was fairly well behaved and only got us kicked out of one hotel…

Thanks to our good friend Victor , we had a place to stay and locals to show us their spots. The week trip was a hectic blur of driving , skating, eating and sleeping.

So in no real order , here are a bunch of photos to check out;

After watching Kyle and Cory destroy a gap in a very busy back alley in Billings, these dudes were freakin hyped to say the least.


This is our friend Victor who hooked us up with an amazing trip, thanks Vic!


Our crew

I was the only person insured to drive, after skating all day, and driving for hours each night I managed to somehow keep us all alive.

On about the fourth day we finally found good coffee.

This is a self proclaimed ‘skateboard mom’, instead of kicking us out of the spot we were skating, after checking out our website, she was eager to meet us and wanted stickers to take home prove to her kids that she met some travelling skaters from Canada. At least some people understand what we do.

Meet the Folio Skateboards crew, these dudes rip.

This is what actually goes down, in downtown Missoula.

Dane gets a mean angle

Brian loved this scooter, here he displays a ‘one footer’ in front of the cops.

Kyle getting close to the edge of a cliff that overlooks the town of Billings.

Waking up to the sun, having no idea what spots we might skate, Wilson sets up a board.

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